Claire Coulter has given everything to save a marriage that never had a chance. When she breaks free from her alcoholic husband and steps into life as a single mother, Claire relies on her best friend, Brenda, to help her rediscover who she is as she reclaims her life. But when it proves harder than Claire imagined, she’s faced with going back to what she knows or pushing through to what she wants.

Brenda is a hot-tempered, independent woman that has been hurt too much by love and is resigned to a life alone. She meets a man who seems perfect in every way, but when an accident nearly claims her life and changes the course of their relationship, she may be left with wounds no doctor can treat.

Their life-long friendship is all that holds them together when their worlds are falling apart, and with a friendship like theirs that may be all they need.

After the death of her father, Jade visits her Aunt Viv in search of any truth behind the rumors in town. Jade discovers more than she bargained for when she finds herself face-to-face with Maggie, the woman who nearly destroyed their family years earlier.

A short story.


The Breakup Mix


A lot of wine, a little time, and the Breakup Mix CD on repeat cures a multitude of hurts, but I don’t know if my broom and dustpan are big enough for the messes we’ve created. The five of us have been best friends since childhood, our lives have always intertwined, but this time we may have reached a point of no return. Leave it to Alissa to make a snap decision that drags Dani and me with her halfway across the country for the next six months. That girl may have a big heart and more money than God, but this time she's in over her head and sinkin' fast. Even though Dani’s marriage is in the toilet, she’s flying on Cloud 9 thanks to Alissa, but I’m done. My single toes are in the sand, and I’m trying to forget the existence of my ex –Tony. Marriage—pfft—does he know me at all? Back at home, Katie's lost in married-and-dutiful land proclaiming to be happy and rarely comes around anymore. But Michelle? She got the life she dreamed of when we were kids, but watching the rest of our success over the last twenty years has her wondering if she aimed too low and hit the bullseye. Her marriage to Brandon-the-douchebag inches closer to the breaking point every day and there’s nothing any of us can do but wait for the snap. The Breakup Mix is a story of five women and the decisions they make that tear them apart, but connect them forever.h here.